ViVi Sunshine and the Bubble Guppies…

ViVi Sunshine joined the world of (knock on wood) responsible pet ownership this weekend when we purchased a fish tank with electric blue lights and four living, flopping guppies that have yet to be named.

ViVi Sunshine enters the world of (knock on wood) responsible pet ownership.

ViVi Sunshine enters the world of (knock on wood) responsible pet ownership.

I’m a little fearful that fishie heaven is about to get crowded as we are down to three guppies in less than 24 hours. It isn’t her fault, of course, but fish are fickle and the laws of nature and the sea are poorly understood by her father.

We realized Sunday night, only a few hours after taking the plunge and buying the fish, that one was missing.

I tapped the tank and scanned the pink and white gravel at the bottom but couldn’t find the missing fish anywhere.

I wondered if Bogey The Cat had crept in stealthily and swiped a paw through the water but there was no evidence of that. Nor was there any evidence that the little fish had made a break for it and leapt over the rim of his little, bubbling tank.

I finally found him this morning, resting on the gravel bottom of the tank. I scooped him up with a wooden spoon and hid him in the trash can, taking care to cover him up with napkins and assorted detritus. Heaven forbid little ViVi goes to throw out an apple core or something and discovers the ugly side of Nature.


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