Donald McArthur excited to hit the campaign trail in Amherstburg

Donald McArthur filed his papers Friday to run for Amherstburg council.

Well, I’ve been jogging for 192 consecutive days and figured I would double down by running for Amherstburg council!

I’ve covered politicians for nearly two decades as a journalist in Windsor and Essex County and I covered Amherstburg council way back in my cub reporter days. It was always a blast. I’ve long been impressed with the passion of Amherstburg residents and the unrivalled beauty and potential of our town.

I filed my nomination papers shortly after noon Friday and I’m excited to hit the ground running and talk about the issues with the residents of Amherstburg.

Below is a copy of the press release I sent out today to area media outlets:

Long-time Windsor and Essex County journalist Donald McArthur filed his papers Friday to run for Amherstburg council, pledging to promote open government, tourism, active transportation and engaging, accountable representation.

“I’m not a politician but I’ve interviewed scores of them over the years. The ones I respected most were the ones who spoke plainly but passionately, relentlessly championing their community and the interests of their constituents,” said McArthur. “I want to emulate their honest, down-to-earth style and overcome my lack of political experience with hard work and handshakes, knocking on doors and discussing the issues with residents of Amherstburg.”

McArthur believes very strongly in the need for open and transparent government, and pledges to keep constituents informed and engaged through social media, a website, and a newsletter. He will post his voting record online.

McArthur believes the town needs to more zealously market itself as a tourism destination, focus on trail development and make active transportation decisions that recognize its potential as a cycling hotspot, the nexus of a vast network of trails stretching from Leamington to Windsor to Essex.  He believes in the need for a vibrant and accessible parks system and wants to ensure kids in every neighbourhood live in close proximity to a decent playground.

“My full platform will take shape as I connect with residents on the campaign trail and hear about their hopes and challenges,” said McArthur. “I believe I have unique experiences and skills that can enrich the debate and help Amherstburg realize its unrivalled economic potential as a tourism destination.”

McArthur, 46, lives in Amherstburg with his wife, Lisa, and their daughter, Violet, 9. They have dogs named Magic and Day-Z and a cat named Skipper. McArthur is the former Assistant Managing Editor, Digital, of Windsor Star and the former Executive Producer of CBC Windsor. He currently works as the communications coordinator for Essex County. He plays guitar and golfs, not as well as he used to.

What goes up must come down: iClimb for United Way

Kudos to the United Way of Windsor and Essex County for pulling off a record-setting iClimb event at the WFCU Centre that raised more than $55,000 for local mental health programs.

More than 2,400 people took part in the ninth annual event, including Eugenio Mendoza, who recognized in High School he had issues with alcohol and reached out for help to the United Way. He is an extremely bright and articulate young man who understands the difference between being dry and being sober and who shares his story in the hopes he can help others facing similar challenges.

Every dollar donated to the United Way remains in Windsor and Essex County and I was happy to do my part. I’m not sure I would have been able to climb all those stairs if I wasn’t more than 40 days into my run streak, but I am, and they weren’t so bad. 🙂 In fact, I went straight from the WFCU Centre to Malden Park for my weekly hill workout!

Here’s United Way CEO Lorraine Goddard talking about the event and its goal of eliminating the stigma around mental illness.

Windsor Women’s March: For What It’s Worth

Violet and I had an absolute blast taking the stage with her friend Jaycee at the Windsor Women’s March and belting out For What It’s Worth by Buffalo Springfield.

We were all pretty nervous up there in front of a crowd of more than 500 people and some of the signature choreography we practiced the night before ended up on the cutting room floor. I almost dropped my pick twice and somehow managed to save it. Violet rocked that bongo drum, though, and Jaycee sure kicked it on the tambourine.

Organizer Pat Papadeas made an impassioned, empowering speech and did a fantastic job organizing the event. She invited Violet and me to sing the song because we had posted the song on Facebook a year ago, wishing well a busload of Windsor women who joined the historic March on Washington. She said that video was a ray of sunshine amidst some negative social media posts and after a long bus ride with a long wait on the border. That made us quite happy and we were honoured she asked us to play at the march.

The studio version. 💜☀️😎

Posted by Donald McArthur on Sunday, January 21, 2018

Donald McArthur and Violet Sunshine play at the Windsor Women’s March.

Won’t Back Down by Tom Petty

I love playing music with my daughter Violet Sunshine. She bangs on those drums and I do my best to keep pace with vocals and the guitar.

Here’s our version of Won’t Back Down by Tom Petty. It wasn’t our best version and we definitely need to up our Garage Band skills but it will do for now. 💜☀️😎